I was thinking about this post yesterday but decided to post it today. I had been wondering how long it had been since I'd made the covenant with God to be celibate and didn't know. I traced back my steps and found out that the last day I had sex was May 24th. I decided shortly thereafter that I would, for the foreseeable future, be celibate. Why did I decide on this path? Simple. I was tired of the direction I was going, sexually, personally, spiritually, physically and I knew something had to change.

My relationship with my boyfriend, A, had ended and so I sought sexual comfort from C, my go to guy for just such a situation. C and I never had a formal relationship, it just didn't work for us. It was unspoken but we knew that ours was just a physical relationship, meant to fill in the cracks here and there. So it was exactly the reason I sent C a text on May 23rd, after 11pm, closer to midnight. I asked him what his plans were and he said nothing and I asked if I could come over. He agreed. As usual, the sex with C was off the charts. I've had my pussy eaten out before but the way that C did it, he was a maestro. This guy once sent me a text about how much he missed my twat and wanted to see me cause he wanted to stay down there and pitch a tent for hours. I'd never heard that before, from any man I'd been with, and I enjoyed that he took such pleasure in giving me pleasure, but I digress.

The reason for the title, sell-a-bit, is to, I guess, reiterate, to myself, the importance of this hiatus from coitus. About 4 or 5 years ago, I had decided to be celibate. Why? Beats me, but I just wanted to do it. So, for 7 months, I was celibate. That is until I met up with an ex-boyfriend of mine and in one night, I gave up my 7 months of celibacy. This time around, it's for valid reasons that I give up sex, making love, fucking, screwing, whatever moniker you choose to give it. I give it up, I give it to God. I remember a line in one of Jay Z's songs where he talks about one such female who tells a guy she's celibate, but as soon as she gets either money or a piece of jewelry, her celibacy went right out the window. Made me hold firm to the fact that my celibacy is not for sale, at any price.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sex. I'm quite good at it. Very good. I love to give as well as receive. I have been blessed with the ability to cum faster than a man, to enjoy sex like a man. I have also been blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms. I enjoy oral sex, giving as well as receiving.

When I give, I take absolute pleasure in the act. It's a process for me. I lay my partner down on his back, kiss him from his head to right above his pubic bone and then I take a whiff. I take a major whiff and just enjoy the smell of a man. There's something about the way a man smells down there that's, for me, intoxicating. I get so turned on by how that area smells. So after I take a whiff, I get down to business. There's no rushing to get it over and done with, NO! I take my time, savoring him and the act itself.

I also enjoy receiving. Oh do I enjoy receiving. And when it's done right, God help you and your relationship with your neighbors cause they may feel compelled to either knock the door down to find out who's being savaged, beaten or even killed or call the cops and have them investigate.

The reason I went into detail as much as I did is to prove the point that sex is something that I thoroughly enjoy/enjoyed and miss but that my level of commitment to my celibacy, this time around, is concrete and is not up for sale to the highest bidder. Hell yeah I get horny but in the long run, if I give into temptation, what would I have accomplished?


T.Notes said…
*sizzle sizzle sizzle*
Ouch,not the best of posts to be reading on a cold Tuesday work morning!
Ouch!Major Ouch!
musco said…
If this is really true, I admire ur courage to put this into writing.With this, I think it will help if I also put my own pent-up sex emotions into writing.

great piece!

@T.Notes- I totally agree!
YankeeNaija said…
@ musco: that's why i like being anonymous, that way i can write whatever i want and yes, it's all true.

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