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Happy New Year to you all!

Saturday night, my sister, cousin and I went out, sort of a girls' night out.  We had dinner and saw The Tourist (love that movie).  During dinner, I was lamenting a lost love, the only man I'd ever loved, only time I'd been in love and my sister asked me why I was regretting the lose of that love, like I wasn't going to get it back so why regret it.  I explained to her that I know that I would never get it back, but letting him go was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  The conversation carried on and my sister was telling our cousin how she'd always known me to be like a dude in a female's body, in that once I let a guy go, that was the end of it.  She said that was one of the things she admired about me.  As she was saying this, I was wondering where that person went?  I was wondering when and where I had lost that person.  Back then, I was fearless and was in control of my love destiny.  I knew what I wanted, refused to settl…