T.Notes said…
What's this about?!!!!
YankeeNaija said…
If I had your number, then you'd know what's going on w/ me on the daily. it's CG. he said some very hurtful things. I thot I was immune to the same things that hurt regular humans, guess I was wrong. I too am a human being, go figure.
musco said…
Do I have to compete with T.Notes now????

I'm jealous!!!! lol

Whatever it is that may have been said, I believe what you should be saying is ..... 'FUCK whatever has been said, I'm moving on with my life and nothing will stop me from making the best out of it!'

Still got your back now and always!
YankeeNaija said…
I love you Musco. Thank you for being there for me, always.
T.Notes said…
This Musco Guy,i'm sure you don't want us to start bickering over YN's love here on public world wide web!
Considering that whilst you having wishful daydreams,me n YN have long cemented our love! ;P

YN,it must be pesky yahoo thats messing around with the number i have (ehm) sent you a couple of time now. *wink*.

Hopefully we can chat sometime soon.

I'll sort out CG's messup for you!
Naijalines said…
I agree with Musco. Hold your head up high as you would, anyway.


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