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Are we really supposed to be with just one person?  Is one person enough?  Can one person really fulfill all our needs?

I ask because I'm with a great guy.  I love him.  He loves me.  But there's something lacking.  I know what it is but I can't fully explain but I'll try.

I've always had in my mind the ideal man for me.  Someone chivalrous, loving, caring, affectionate.  Someone who loves God.  A true partner.  An amazing friend.  An adept lover.  A father to my son and future children.  Someone funny, intelligent, articulate.  Someone who truly values me.  Someone who can't imagine life without me.

That's what I want.  But the man I'm with has someone of those qualities but not all.

I've cheated in the past and only because I loved the person but the relationship wasn't enough so I found what I was lacking elsewhere.  Usually what I'm lacking is sex, intimacy.

It's hard to explain because my boyfriend and I have sex and intimacy b…