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It's shocking really that I only had one post this year, just one in January. And the thing is that ALOT has gone on from January to now.

I'm in the second phase of my third semester of the Nursing program, I'm still with my guy, granted we had a few bumps along the way but happily have survived it, and I'm growing in the Lord. One might say I'm gaining spiritual maturity.

The Lord is good in that He has done so much in my life and it makes me feel such privilege that He cares for me in such a way. He has lifted me up from the bottom, I mean the BOTTOM and brought me to where I am now, on the verge of living the life He meant for me, created for me, the life which I deviated from. By His infinite mercy, He has given me another opportunity to go back and snatch up that life back. Thank you Lord.

This life is by no means easy. The struggles and pain never end. I guess that's the deal with life, we go through the process and in the end, we get...what? I&#…