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I'm very happy to say that this past week was a good week, weight wise.  I've had such a struggle with my weight for a long time.  It was at the point where I thought that I could never get a handle on it and I was not looking forward to seeing each new day.  Now, don't go thinking I was on the verge of suicide or anything, but just having to deal with my struggle with food was not a pleasurable experience.  I was desperate one day and was in search of something, anything, that magic formula that would help me get a handle on my addiction to food and finally put me on the road to weight loss.  I came across this concept called Eat Stop Eat.  Essentially, you eat one day, fast for 24 hrs, then eat and you can fast as much as once a week or every other day.  I tried it, lost a considerable amount of weight but I felt deprived and went nuts with food, gaining all the weight I'd lost plus more.  So one day, I googled Over Eaters anonymous and was trying to find a place to …