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True love

The concept of loving one's self is something we all know, true? But the question begs, how many of us REALLY do it???? When you love yourself, truly cherish yourself, do you do things to yourself that aren't good for yourself? I ask this because I've been on a journey of self discovery. My eyes have been open to the fact that I haven't loved my self as much as I should have. I haven't treated my self with the respect that my self deserves. I've, more or less, shortchanged my self.

I've always known what I wanted out of life, but I haven't allowed my self to get them. I've, in some way or another, stymied my self from getting the gold and I couldn't understand why? It may have been fear, it may have been doubt, it couldn've been a multitude of things but the point is, I disillusioned my self from getting what my self deserved. When I came to the realization, I was shocked. Shocked I tell you because I thought all this time that I l…

El Fin (The End)

I broke up with my boyfriend on July 31st at around seven fifteen in the morning. We started dating on March 31st. Four months and it's over. This was the man I thought I'd be spending my life with but alas, it's not to be. I'm sure I'll find the silver lining in all this and who's to say we won't reconnect but for right now, this is the best decision that could've been made. I mourn the loss of this relationship because unlike past relationships, this felt RIGHT. I'll always love him. I'll continue to think of him. I wish him nothing but love, peace and happiness. And most importantly, I wish the same for myself.

this little bit is added today, May 15, 2010. I was going through my old posts and felt the need to make a comment about this post. the guy I broke up with, we are not friends, nor will we ever be friends. I do not love him, in fact, I loathe him. I have become a different person, done things against my nature because of hi…