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Can we ever go home again?

Not home in the literal sense, but home as in can we ever revisit a past love? Before you shake your head and give an opinion, let me finish. Then you can shake your head and give your opinions. lol.

When I was fifteen years old, I met this wonderful man, who was nineteen at the time. We met through a friend. The first time we spoke on the phone, there was instant chemistry and we were on the phone for hours. After that, all of our phone conversations lasted hours. We spoke on the phone for one year before we actually met. We met when I was sixteen. The first time we saw each other, we didn't talk. I was waiting at the bus stop with like a million of my class mates and dude and his friend came looking for me. I saw him and froze in my spot and refused or couldn't get in the car or even say a word to him. The next time we met, we couldn't keep our hand off of each other. We said hello and then immediately kissed till my lips were sore. We didn't engage in any sexual acti…