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Heart strings

My boyfriend has this theory that each of us has thousands and thousands of heart strings and they get broken now and again for different reasons. He says, some are to be expected whether it be through disappointment or things of that nature, unintentional snapping of the strings. Those are not fatal and will not hurt you too much. But, there are those things, situations, events, occurrences that when they break your heart strings, depending on how many strings are broken, can hurt and take a while to recover.

Our conversation about said heart strings revolved around a male/female relationship (i.e. marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend). He stated that the person that you're with will break some heart strings, unintentionally. But, when they intentionally break your heart strings, they have a certain number of chances before you cut them loose.

That brings me FINALLY to the intention of this blog and it's a question, but first, let me prepare the scenario: My love and I were having a …

Boyfriend v. Friend with benefits

I'm listening to the song from P-square "No one be like you" and I'm thinking about my love, yes you heard right, my love. We've been together for six weeks now and are madly in love with one another. Who would've guessed, right? That's what led to this blog. Prior to this relationship, I was involved with a good man, but we weren't a couple. We were friends, good friends, but nonetheless, friends with benefits. It felt like a relationship, tasted like a relationship but it wasn't. We were REALLY good friends who enjoyed each other and each other's company but we didn't make THAT commitment.

In that scenario, I knew that something was lacking. I knew that it wasn't whole. It wasn't complete. But, being with my baby, it feels whole, complete.

I guess the previous relationship suited my needs because I don't think I was ready to make that level of commitment to anyone, I wasn't healed. But God brought this wonderfu…