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The pain of silence

The old adage, forgive and forget, I wonder sometimes if it's a concept that truly exists. I'm venting on behalf of a beloved friend who I pray will have the peace she prays for.

Here's the scenario:

My friend Beth (I don't think she'll mind me telling her name) is an amazing woman, fearless in fact. I love her. She's like a second sister to me. I've known her for a while but really got to know her a couple years ago. Hers has not been an easy life, but she's a survivor and has never given up although there were times when she wanted to cave in, but I think through her faith in God and shear will, she has persevered.

Beth hasn't followed the normal route as far as life is concerned, i.e. going straight to college after high school, getting married before having a kid. She's always followed the beat of her own drum, to the consternation of her family.

The crux of the matter is: Beth is thirty-two years old, has a child and has never gone to …