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Closed Chapter

The previous blog in which I finally exorcised myself of the past has infact allowed me to move on. I've moved on and that portion is now a closed case, never to be revisisted again. I'm definitely glad for it and I'm happy. I'm free. Funny how release is a gift we sometimes forget to give ourselves. Again I'll say it, I'm free.

On another note, I'm in a relationship. Yes, a relationship. I'm dating a GOOD MAN. Yes class say it with me, a GOOD MAN. I have to pinch myself everyday because the characteristics of this man are all I've wanted. Premature, maybe, but it just FEELS right. It feels as it should feel. It's like the breeze, easy and free. He makes me laugh, and oh, how I laugh and the best part, I make him laugh, although he'll claim it's the side effects of the medication he's being weaned off of (he's not on any medication).

I was so busy looking for what I thought I had to have (tall, lean Nigerian brotha) …