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The sins of the daughter

Being in my current relationship, I look back on past transgressions in previous relationships.  I cheated on one boyfriend.  Granted, he had the emotional capabilities of a billiard ball, but still that's not an excuse.  I cheated on him because I felt emotionally and sexually wanting.  For me, it's one or the other.  If sexually you don't cut it, you had better be, emotionally, the equivalent of Albert Einstein.  Meaning, where you lack in one area, make up for it in others.  He was not very emotional and sexually present, let's just say I spent many post sexual sessions w/ me pleasing myself.  So I looked for what I craved elsewhere and met a great guy, who ultimately became a great friend.

With the current relationship I'm in, he goes beyond even my own expectations.  We've been together for almost two months now and haven't made love yet.  We're both waiting for the right time and I'm totally ok with that despite the fact I'm horny as all…