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Setting my heart free

I'm going through a divorce and ending a marriage that lasted two years. Two long, hard and hurtful years. I married a monster, an evil man. When I say evil, I mean evil like when we were kids and we had to have on night lights because we were afraid of the boogeyman. That kind of evil. A man free of any sort of remorse. A man with no conscience. More on this character later. Trust me, I will totally spill the beans but things have to be in place first. Anyway, when my marriage first ended, I was of the mind that I was free and I could move on and find the one for me, the one to truly love me the way I'd always known I'd be loved, my soulmate. Needless to say, I'm still single. Sure there are men out there who are interested but the problem is, I'm not. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of giving away my heart. I'm afraid of trusting someone so completely and utterly. I'm afraid of being myself. With my soon to be ex-husband, I trusted him impl…


This is not entirely about love or even the idea of love. I may be wrong, I'll just keep writing till I get the jist of this blog. February 14 we all know as the day to profess our love to those around us or use as an excuse to let that someone you've had an eye on for some time know you're into them. But why just this one day? Why not do this on any other day? Why be predictable? While praying on February 14th, it dawned on me that we use this day to tell everyone we love them but while thanking my Father, the Most High God, I thanked Him for loving me everyday of my life, not just this particular day. Mind you, I have nothing against Valentine's day. I just thought it was interesting that this particular day was put aside to help remind us to show in some fashion our love for those around us.