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I wanted to make it a point to have a post for today, being the first of the month. I wanted to make a mark on today. The thought for this post came to me as I was on facebook and I was looking at pictures from friends' pages and it hit me: regret.

My life is not what I pictured it. It is not in the vicinity of where I thought I'd be or who I'd be. Regret is something I know of too well. In my case, hindsight seems to be the only form of vision I have. Granted, there's no way to turn back time, because trust me, I've tried, but I'm starting to accept that I have to choose my steps carefully and with my newly awakened state, I think I can now have foresight instead of only hindsight.

I think back to my earliest memory, I believe I can remember as far back as being almost two, when my sister was born, and wonder where it all went wrong? Where did I make the wrong turn at the crossroads that led me to the life I'm living now? I know that many would say that the …