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I need to get rid of all this energy.  I can't fuck anyone, cause there is no one, so I just joined the gym.  I need to get rid of this energy.


I've developed a massive crush on one of the managers.  I won't say that I'm the senior manager but I now run the largest location of the company, that's exciting.  But I'm crushing on the newest member of the management team.  He's beautiful.  I can just stare at him all day.  He sits either next to me or across from me during the management meetings and it's not helpful.  He's Mexican, dark hair, dark eyes.  Very intelligent, great sense of humor and when he says my name, I melt.  I had to drive to his location cause I was dropping off donuts to the different sites for the staff and when he and I were interacting, my nether regions were on fire.  I have never felt anything like that before.  Like literally on fire.  I had to leave or I would have kissed him.  The last management meeting we had, he moved his chair and sat next to me and I literally had to hold my left hand because it felt natural to touch his leg and I think I was just about to till I…