Boyfriend v. Friend with benefits

I'm listening to the song from P-square "No one be like you" and I'm thinking about my love, yes you heard right, my love. We've been together for six weeks now and are madly in love with one another. Who would've guessed, right? That's what led to this blog. Prior to this relationship, I was involved with a good man, but we weren't a couple. We were friends, good friends, but nonetheless, friends with benefits. It felt like a relationship, tasted like a relationship but it wasn't. We were REALLY good friends who enjoyed each other and each other's company but we didn't make THAT commitment.

In that scenario, I knew that something was lacking. I knew that it wasn't whole. It wasn't complete. But, being with my baby, it feels whole, complete.

I guess the previous relationship suited my needs because I don't think I was ready to make that level of commitment to anyone, I wasn't healed. But God brought this wonderful man to me when He knew I was ready.


Simi Speaks said…
wow. u listening to my song!! u know i blogged about how much i love that song rite?! lol.

awww. love is so sweet, aint it?!

i can feel ur blushing all the way from Cali!!! we go love o! hehehe

anyways, happy for ya.

so that's what taking up all ur blog time,

huh? ok, u are excused. :-)
Sting said…
awww..... that is so sweet. u and ur baby.
YankeeNaija said…
You're both silly. lol. You're both what's making me blush.
Mocha said…
I feel that completely.
I'm right at THIS point right now; I have a good good friend with benefits.

Cant wait for God to give me MY man..hopefully I'M good and ready..

Nice one girl.

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