New Crush Alert

Marcus Samuelsson

Born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden.  He and his sister were orphans in Ethiopia and were adopted by a Swedish couple.  He is just so yummy.  A man after my own heart, not only really attractive, but can cook.  


Young Grumbler said…
He's gorge...! *adding him to my long list of crushes*
You are making me hungry but you have a nice blog.
YankeeNaija said…
@ YG: isn't he though. so yummy.

@ M&M: great blog. You two are something else. thanks for stopping by. looking forward to reading more.
T.Notes said…
Hi!!!!So i guess you've figured out the vids n pictures right?
Its pretty much that tab right on top of the blank space where you compose your mail. The one that looks like a picture is for pictures, you just hit on it n upload like in FB.

Got my system changed in the office n some silly restriction's blocking out my messenger! Hope to talk over the weekend???

YankeeNaija said…
@ TN: missed you you nut. Better figure out that yahoo msger. Hopefully can chat this wknd. have a great day.
musco said…
@T.Notes- leave these women alone now.... How many you wan get?

Leave some of them 4 me now (LOL!)
T.Notes said…
@musco, you're nuts!!!!
I haven't even started with you yet!As per last mail, i am beefing you for non disclosure! How can you be holding up on your bruva!

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