Dedicated to my new crush

Just a piece of nonfiction I whipped up in honour of my new crush.  Tootles.  
P.S.  Don't ask me, cause I won't tell you.    *sticking my tongue out*

First impressions are supposed to be defining moments.  What a defining moment indeed.  The moment I laid eyes on him, I was stunned into silence.  He walked across the room, so confident, so self assured.  I tried not to stare, but it was proving to be quite difficult not to.  He seemed so focused on where he needed to go so he didn’t seem aware of me ogling him.   How could I not?  What was before me was a god, sent down to earth to meander with us mortals.  He was tall, about six feet and lean, but not to the point of being emaciated.  I hoped that underneath that suit, there would be a well defined, muscular physique.  His face, more than his height and build, was what drew my attention to him.  Not a pretty boy by any means.  He could probably melt stone if he sneered at it long enough, but when in the relaxed state it was in, he looked approachable.  And that is exactly what I wanted to do, but I wanted to build up the courage to do so.  I played in my mind different ways to approach him.  Not knowing him and not wanting to strike out the first chance I got, I tried the honest and direct approach.  He stood in line to place his order and I made my move.  I pretended I needed to get some napkins and eating utensils and had to bypass him in order to get them.  As he waited for his food to be ready, I accidentally, purposely bumped into him in my desire to get the items I needed.  I immediately offered my apologies and he looked at me, face open, no grimace, no look of annoyance and I, taking that as a good sign, introduced myself.  He gave me his name, Roger Andrews, and shook my hand.  His grip was firm but not painful and his hands were dry.  I felt no clamminess.  He gave one pump and I was expecting him to immediately release my hand, but instead, I felt a slight graze before he let go.  I wanted to savour that moment on my own at a later time, but I had a mission.  I needed to find out who he was and what brought him to our building.  Never really being one to eat in the cafeteria, today I wanted to expand my horizons a bit and get out of my office.  I’d been seeing patients since eight a.m. and needed some air.  I was just sitting down to eat my lunch when I spied him.  I gleaned from him that today was his first day in his office and he wanted to grab some lunch and get the lay of the land.  I asked him what floor he was on and he said his office was on the seventh floor, my floor, and his suite number was 732, four doors down from me.  We laughed at how coincidental that was.  His order was called and he picked up his lunch and asked where I was sitting and wanted to know if he could join me.  As we made our way to my table, he asked if he would possibly be interrupting my lunch with friends.  I assured him that that wouldn’t be a problem, seeing as I was having lunch by myself.  He smiled at that.  As we sat down to eat our respective lunches, I told him that I normally don’t eat lunch in the cafeteria, but I had wanted and needed an escape and figured the cafeteria would give me the much needed break I was looking for.  He told me that he too usually brown bags it to work but was running late and not wanting his patients to have to wait for him longer than they had to, opted out of making lunch today.  Interesting.    


Naijalines said…
So your new crush is at your office?
Quite realistic actually. I'd imagine that most people have had an office crush at one point or the other.

Should we watch this space to see how it pans out? I know some guys would be disappointed at this new development, lol.

Have a great Sunday, YN.
YankeeNaija said…
@ NJ: No. my crush isn't at my office, I don't have an office. I'm just in school. This is purely a work of fiction that I cooked up as a dare. and the guys have nothing to worry about. lol. and you too my dear, have a great sunday and great week.
ZeL said…
I hate crushes, they hurt!

I've had an office crush (during an internship), it was nice tho. Loved d giddy feeling in my tummy until it ended :(
T.Notes said…
R u sure this is fiction???!!!

N yesssssss,i'm one those guys who r gnashing teeth at this development!!!
Girl,give me name,address,phone some "sorting out" to do!
YankeeNaija said…
oh thank God you're back TN. Trust me, it's pure fiction. Complete figment of my imagination, what i wish would happen to me. But alas, I live in the real world.
YankeeNaija said…
@ Zel: pele. crushes are a good thing. for me, it's a way of getting an eye full, w/out the commitment. lol. if that makes sense?

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