Praise the Lord

So, instead of bellyaching and moaning about whatever is bothering me, I will just praise Him. I was reminded tonight, while praying with my family, that I should just praise Him. I am grateful for all that He has done and all that He will do.


musco said…
PRAISE HIM I will 2!

going to look for a Yoruba song 2 ...!What do you think?
YankeeNaija said…
lol. i think it's brilliant.
Naijalines said…
Lovely song of praise. I don't understand Igbo, but I still enjoyed it.

To the Almighty, all praise is due!
ZeL said…
Praise the Lord!!!
inStilettos said…
hmmm! we are kindred spirits! lol!... same feeling today, real stressed so just going to praise... your blog rocks! wish I could write with this much of an impact and such few words! x
musco said…

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