Name: YN
Ht: 5'11
Wt: Nunya

What's with the stats?  Cause I'm trying to show that as big as I am, I'm a coward.  Yes folks, there it is.  My mom brought home a "fresh" chicken today and asked me to cut it up and clean it.  No problem.  I opened up the bag the chicken was in and as I lifted it out of the bag, I saw it's head was still attached and it's eyes were half closed.  I dropped that chicken so fast and scooted so far away from it.  I ran to the stairs, to find my mom and ask that if she cuts the head off, I can get on with the task of dismembering the bird.  She laughed her head off.  She always does when I find myself in these situs.  These moments don't happen often, thank God, but they do happen.  The last time I can remember was eons ago and I had to clean some catfish mom got.  I walked to the sink, not even thinking anything at all, then I saw eyes looking at me.  Mind you, regular fish eyes don't bug me.  But catfish eyes are entirely different.  They're creepy.  Just plain creepy and I've never been able to eat catfish since.  I'll eat salmon, tilapia and so on, but catfish, no way.  When I saw those eyes, I jumped so far away, my mom, literally, fell to the floor laughing.  I'm sure that she never gets tired of seeing me revert to being that helpless kid, but it's so embarrassing.  She tells me about the time we were living in Gusau, Sokoto State, and she bought me a teddy bear when she'd traveled to England.  She was so happy to give me said bear but when I saw it, I screamed and hightailed it out of the room.  Even to this day when she tells that story, she still falls out laughing cause she says my little over bowed legs looked so funny as I ran.



musco said…

There's still some kid in there after so many years.

We need to take you back to Naija asap. All we need to do is take you to one of these 'point & kill' bars and your life would never be the same again in terms of catfish! You are missing o!
Young Grumbler said…
Lol, don't worry you can never be too old to get scared - I mean you still cleaned the chicken afterall. Me? I won't even go near clean raw chicken!
Imagined you running away from the teddy, lmao
ZeL said…
Lol@ "little overbowed legs".

I cant kill a chicken to save my life. Scary stuff
Naijalines said…
I think it's a western thing like Musco pointed out. People who grow up in Western cultures aren't used to such sights. On the other hand, it might just be that squeamish side that we all have, like some people can't stand the sight of blood etc. does a student nurse cope with your 'livewire' imagination?
YankeeNaija said…
@ NJ: nope. not a western thing. Just me. "live wire", only God knows. lol

@ Musco: your time is coming for your ass getting beaten.

@Zel & YG: lol. too funny
inStilettos said…
LOL! Hilarious! babe you're not alone, that's why I hop on to Selfridges to buy my 'meat', its a lot easier when all you have to do is clean...

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