New Crush Alert

Yes, I'm at it again.  I have a new crush.  His name is Scott Conant and he's a chef.  He can be seen regularly on the Foodnetwork's Chopped and he now has his own show, 24hour Restaurant.  I first laid eyes on him when he appeared on No Reservations.  It was a special episode where Anthony Bourdain focused on the basics and had world renowned chefs make basic meals.  Chef Conant was in charge of making spaghetti.  Funny thing is, I didn't think there was anything special about him, at the time.  But after catching that episode again, there was something about him.  Imagine my surprise when I saw him on Chopped.  He looked, dare I say, good.  He was wearing a sports coat and shirt, unbuttoned, and had a handkerchief in his coat pocket.  He looked really snazzy.  Mind you , I was watching Chopped long before Chef Conant was asked to be a guest judge, so imagine my surprise when I'd tune into Chopped and I'd be hoping to see Chef Conant.  Now, he has his own show and I can totally get an eyeful.  Dude is too fine and so suave.  Oh and when he smiles, don't even get me started.

If anyone can school me on how I can upload a picture or video, not just a link where people can go to, but an actual image they can see on my blog, it would be greatly appreciated and I would pay with baked goods.  I make some mean cookies, brownies and don't even get me started on the cakes, all from scratch.  So, you hook me up with the skills, I hook you up.  If you wanna do business, get in touch.  Ciao.


bArOquE said…
See ur life, old woman like you, you still dey get crush
heehee...i have one too & i think she knows it (i should blog about it)
I think i know how to do the picture & video thing but i'm not ready to think right now...besides, the cake cant get to me
You're in yankee with good internet connection so explore blogger & find out
YankeeNaija said…
how cruel can you be? so cruel. old or not, crushes still exist. it would sacrilegious if my crush was Justin Bieber. And yessss, please blog about her. Would like to read your thoughts about her.
Unknown said…
Hmmm, missy this your crush sha.

@ Baroque
I think her name begins with "Q".
Am I right? Tehehehe.

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