I hate waiting.  I have no patience whatsoever.  That, I think is one of my worst traits.  I think that's why I hate surprises because I don't know what's going on.  Even when I got engaged, Uzoma and I went ring shopping together because I didn't want to be surprised.  I picked out my own ring.  When I was pregnant, I had to find out the sex of the baby.  Why am I saying this?  Cause the waiting for a mate is getting to me.  Not the whole not having sex bit, but I miss having a companion.  I miss it a lot.  Having that someone you can talk to whenever, you can see whenever.  But at the same time, I sick of not having what I want.  I'm tired of compromising just to have someone around.  I keep chanting in my head the same mantra, "wait on the Lord, wait on the Lord" and that is exactly what I'm doing, waiting on Him to provide me with the best.  Still, I guess while I wait, I should pray for patience and a calming spirit.


T.Notes said…
Dear I ;-)

I totally reckon with this post, i.e, WAITING SUCKS!!!!It can be the most nerve racking experience for people like us who've got little patience!!!But (even more annoying) is when the situation at hand is totally out of our hands, i.e one can rily do nothing but wait anyways, xcpt we mess up the whole process!!!

*God is good to those who wait*
*May God grant the finest desires of your heart, n make your best dreams come true*
Do best to wait peacefully, n whlst at it, stay with God n learn all thats required to learn in the "process".
All that said, WAITING JUST SUCKS!!!

But hey, i'm waiting with you! *wink*
YankeeNaija said…
You know, you'll always have my heart TN. lol. Speak Yoda, I'm listening.
Naijalines said…
Well, you know what they say. Good things come to those who wait. It will come.
YankeeNaija said…
@ NJ: Thank you for that. I really needed a reminder.
inStilettos said…
this spoke to my heart! babe! waiting is tough.. my rant at God is pretty much daily and I ask, ask, ask... when? better still why do I have this strong desire to love and be loved (someone I can touch and feel)... he answers back with a silence that screams 'trust me'! Thank you for being honest about the way you feel and for giving , 'co-waiters' like me a voice... loved it! and I know in His time he WILL make all things perfect :)... sorry didn't mean to take over your blog!
YankeeNaija said…
@ IS: Take over any day of the week. I'm equally inspired by you. I trust in Him and now that the antsy feeling I'm getting just means that's it's right around the corner. God is good, all the time.
Sigh.....today i learnt a hard lesson in patience....i am the world's most impatience person..

So wait, wait on the Lord and he shall surprise you soon enough

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