Fi mi le

This post has nothing to do with that song, but it's what was in my head so I thought it would make a great title.  This post is about the party I went to on Saturday night.  I'd like to say thanks to Musco, Tnotes and Rethots, who made me go.

I didn't want to go to this party, but was bullied by my mom and sister into going.  I went w/ absolutely no expectations.  As long as the music was good and I could dance, I was fine.  The party was off the chain, like Americans say.  It was a great party, didn't end till almost 4am.

I met a great guy there.  He's Caribbean, an Attorney, 6'1, very attractive and patient.  My sister and I were on the dance floor pretty much all night so we went into the house to take a load off and this guy approaches us.  I already check out because I figure he's there to talk to my sister and imagine my surprise when he sat next to me.  I just figured that he couldn't find a seat next to my sister so he took the next available seat.  He was talking, but I didn't quite get he was talking to me.  He asked me for my number, gave me his card and we even scanned each others BB bar codes into each other's phones.  In my mind, I just knew I'd never hear from him again, cause I was still thinking it was my sister he was really into.

So, Sunday, I went to church with mom and my sister and didn't take my phone with me.  I come back and I see that I have a missed BB msg from HIM.  I responded and so did he and we chatted pretty much the whole day.

He called me today and we talked sporadically and shared our musical tastes, he's into reggae and I introduced him to the Nigerian artists I like.

He made a comment to me about how he liked that I talked to him that night and I told him that I thought he was already spoken for because he was talking to some other woman and I didn't want to step on anyone's toes.  He told me that truth be told that I HAD stepped on someone's toes, my sister's.  He told me that he saw her first and his intent was to talk to her, but when he talked to her, something was lacking, which I find  very hard to believe, but then he noticed me and talked to me and something just clicked for him.  He proceeded to tell me, three good times, how really, really, really glad he was he went to that party Saturday.

Now for the problem.  I like him and can see definite possibilities, but I wish I hadn't gone to that party, because I wouldn't have met him.  Let me explain before you go ape shit.

I have a plan on how things are supposed to go:  Finish Nursing school in the summer of next year, get my Master's while I work, then start going out and socializing and find the one.  Now, I'm not saying he's THE ONE, but he very well could be and so, in my mind, it sucks, cause everything with him has to go on pause cause I can't afford any distractions and he would be such a lovely distraction indeed.

God help me, in Jesus name.  Amen.


musco said…
hmmmmmm .....

I can feel the excitement all over this post! I always knew the next year summer thing was never going to happen

So happy 4 u! ... at least ur market value is still high! (will my ass get spanked again this time?) LOL!

'Fi mi Le'? just realised the post heading is in Yoruba. You re something else o!
Naijalines said…
Hmmm...I would say just see how it goes. If it develops into a relationship, it takes time to grow and within that time, you could achieve your career goals. If he is the ONE, he would give you the space to be you and not rush things.

I'm happy for you and hope it develops into something really beautiful.
Naijalines said…
@ Musco
Aburo, ur something else.
Market value?!!!
Consider your ass truly spanked, lol.
The Memoirs said…
So Musco's one of those types who's into ass-spanking?!!Na wa o!!lol!

@YankeeNaija: Yayyyy!!!Fi mi le what?!!Abeg, let the man carry on!!!Hey enjoy it, see how it goes n fill us REGULARLY with all the juicy details!

Haha,see i was onto something suggesting you get ur butt outta the house n go party!!!Howz school starting off? Don't u dare on excuse of that abandon this page!!!
YankeeNaija said…
@ Musco: for your 411, the summer thing is still on. talked to mom abt him this morning and she said nothing wrong in having a friend.

@ NJ: such wisdom. will do and pls help me spank Musco. problem is, he might enjoy it too much. lol

@TN/memories: So glad you helped in making me go. aside from him, i really did have a great time. school is good. hardship hasn't started yet. lol.
Naijalines said…
Oya update jor.

I'm tired of seeing this.
Abi you are too busy with Musco, T.Notes and Ms Merlot?
Naijalines said…
Yeah I think Musco is enjoing the spanking too much.

*singing: Its getting hot in 'ere
but not getting my clothes off!*

{Oya you must laugh o. 'Had a stressful day and I need it:) }
YankeeNaija said…
@NJ: lmao. You are too much. lmao. pele @ stressful day.
inStilettos said…
this really made me smile... so ! don't over analyse, go with it and enjoy it ... sometimes these things don't go how we plan them btw didn't you do that spectacular post abt 'waiting' and when...
inStilettos said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
YankeeNaija said…
@ IS: too true. Thank u for reminding me. you're a doll for real.

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