This is really just a self-gratifying post. I just wanted a medium to shout out how much I love my man. He is just so effing secksy, yes, secksy. Just saying he's sexy does not do him any justice whatsoever. I chuckle as I write this because that last statement was silly, but I'm giddy with love and whatever other hormones course through my veins because of this feeling that is not tangible but we know exists, love. I love him and he loves me. He's known me since I was fifteen years old and has loved me since then. That's some serious devotion. He's told me that he just knows that I'm the one for him and I feel exactly the same way. I'll admit there was a time where I doubted in this probability. I thought there's no way, maybe there's someone else out there, but I find myself realizing that he is my husband, the future father of my children (God willing). Hey, I still believe that ultimately, God dictates what goes on in our lives and I hope and pray that He sees how much I love him and how devoted to him I am that He'll make it happen that he and I will be married and get to spend the next forty to fifty years together.

I don't know why I'm saying all this but it's just how I feel at the moment. I could go on about this man's attributes and I'm sure that the next couple blogs will be about him and how everything about him makes me tingle and smile and be proud I'm a woman because I get to have him and love him cause if I were a guy that wouldn't be possible. Again I chuckle because I'm just in a silly mood, but the silly sort of mood that is caused by happiness at the fact that I'm in love. I wrote in my FB status that I was in a blissful state of mind and I guess that pretty much says how I am. Blissful state of mind. Yup, that about sums it up. (I'm still chuckling).


leggy said…
im really happy for you.hopefully, God hears your prayers and you guys too keep working to keep the love.
Anonymous said…
Until you can actually create a human being stay off commenting about how ugly a couple are on their wedding..that is so insensitive and may God forgive you
YankeeNaija said…
@ anonymous: why not show who you are? why hide? at least when i made my comment, i didn't do anonymously. i was bold enough to show my name. i make no apologies for the comment i made for it was my opinion. and infact, having a child does show that i created a human being so, what's your point?
Anonymous said…

Then i can go further to say that i have a right to my opinion no?

I read through your totally insensitive and trashy comment on Linda Ikejis blog,BUT i am not surprised,Linda is known to equally entertain trash like herself.As why she would deem it fit to entertain comments geared towards disrespecting a couple on their DAY OF JOY IS BEYOND ME.

You have NO ability whatsoever to CREATE a human beign.Because you got sperm deposited in you,and you CARRIED a child for whatever number of months DOES NOT EQUATE TO CREATION.
You like so many other mothers before you,were just an avenue for the child to enter this world.

YankeeNaija said…
seriously, what is your deal? if linda is as you claim, why then do you even go to her page and comment? makes absolutely no sense to me. yes, you are entitled to your opinion about what my child looks like but still, he's the most beautiful little boy i've ever seen. you're just a sad case really who just wants and needs attention because your life is so sad. is that why you're still hiding behind the anonymous name? for someone so big and bad and saying the things you say, why not show who you are? again as i said, i made my comment and had the guts to show who i am. coward.
Anonymous said…
Retard--i was actually pointed towards the blog a few days ago--seeing as she is known for always entertaining nonsense all in the name of BLOG HITS..
and guilty as charged,i went to see what all the hoopla was about--let's just say she did not dissapoint me--
it's like a car crash,you know you are meant to move on,but you cannot but help and peek at the disaster before you.


I mean even the "unnattractive couple" would be beautiful in their mothers' eyes wouldn't they?

as they say,like attracts like.

I am done with both yourself and Linda ikeji.
shit and fly comes to mind.

Let's hope you are not raising your child to have the same thinking mentality as your age,you actually find it okay and acceptable to dish out such negativity and still have the false audacity to stand by your stupidity---

God help your child.
YankeeNaija said…
again, i really don't know what your problem is. your job i guess is to take something, make a big deal about it, then slink away like the snake you are. well my dear, you haven't succeeded in impeding my right or desire to say what i like, just as you are entitled to say what you like. that is the point of democracy and i am exercising my right.
Anonymous said…
So i am the first anonymous..Anonymous 1:40pm...i dont know about the other anonymouses o! you are bold enough to show your name..ha!ha!ha! your parents named you YankeeNaija abi?If we look for you on facebook na YankeeNaija we go find? Abeg bone side and go and drop that comment with your REAL name..You are more stupid than i thought o..Ode ni e oh.You have a child and that means you created a human being?i laugh!!

Your comment on Linda's blog was insensitive. No seriously how do you think the couple will feel after reading that comment!!SERIOUSLY..

Freedom of speech don equal to freedom of stupidity sa!
YankeeNaija said…
see me see trouble o. what is up with all these anonymous assholes who are harassing me. you people, i rebuke you both in the name of Jesus. amen.
YankeeNaija said…
you idiot. once you click on my name, you will see who i am, as opposed to you and your doppleganger who no one can ever find. and yes, having a child with another person, what does that mean? we created a life together. didn't you study biology? idiots, the both of you.
Simi Speaks said…
Hiya! Am happy for you hon! :-)

soak up all that bliss!
YankeeNaija said…
@ Simi: where the heck have you been?????
BiMbyLaDs** said…

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