Are we really supposed to be with just one person?  Is one person enough?  Can one person really fulfill all our needs?

I ask because I'm with a great guy.  I love him.  He loves me.  But there's something lacking.  I know what it is but I can't fully explain but I'll try.

I've always had in my mind the ideal man for me.  Someone chivalrous, loving, caring, affectionate.  Someone who loves God.  A true partner.  An amazing friend.  An adept lover.  A father to my son and future children.  Someone funny, intelligent, articulate.  Someone who truly values me.  Someone who can't imagine life without me.

That's what I want.  But the man I'm with has someone of those qualities but not all.

I've cheated in the past and only because I loved the person but the relationship wasn't enough so I found what I was lacking elsewhere.  Usually what I'm lacking is sex, intimacy.

It's hard to explain because my boyfriend and I have sex and intimacy but he doesn't make time for me.  I think that's the real kicker.  He doesn't make time for me so I find someone who will make time for me.

In writing this, I'm processing everything and realize that my current beau may not be THE ONE.  I realize one of two things has to happen.  One, we discuss this and figure out how to remedy it or Two, we end our relationship and go our separate ways.  


T.Notes said…
Option 1 sounds like the clear winner.
In my opinion though, we rarely get all that we desire in one person - Hence do best with what we have and suck it up for the lacking bits. There are afterall always like-minded, half-satisfied wanderlusts eager to momentarily trade off inadequate desires...and that's where the moral crossroads often lie.
YankeeNaija said…
You my dear brother are a wise man. You're right by the way. I read this interesting side bit on facebook that said you knew you were in love when you stop wanting to cheat. I don't want to cheat. I love my guy. I realized that I'm in love with my guy and he's really making an effort and I appreciate him more because he heard me and is really making an effort. So yes my dear wonderful brother, thank you for your wisdom. You truly are a wise man.

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