New Musical Find

I guess it's no secret that my taste in music varies.  So, last night/early this morning, woke up for whatever reason, went downstairs and turned the tv on.  I usually don't go toward the music channels, so I was just changing the channels when I came across this video with these two guys, w/ their two sons at the park.  The video got me really cause it was too cute then I started paying attention to the song.  Great beat, oh man the beat.  Then the vocals.  Singer is reminiscent of Mick Jagger.  Great cross between blues/rock/r&b.  Turned the tv off and immediately downloaded it.  So looking forward to those long drives to Palmdale and back or even visiting my sister up north and having this play as the soundtrack to my drive.  Nice!  Lest I forget:  Band - The Black Keys,   Song: Tighten up.  Gotta check it out.


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