Last post for today.

I was tagged to do this by T notes and I felt honored cause I'd never been tagged in blogville before, so here goes.

1. Right now I'm feeling: happy and at peace.

2. When I'm alone I feel like: how I feel depends on if it's alone time that's self imposed or forced on me.

3. When I'm surrounded by people: If it's people I know, I'm chill, relaxed and comfortable. If it's people I don't know, I keep quiet, listen and watch what's going on around me.

4. One thing I hate is: cruelty, bordering on the verge of evil.

5. One thing I really like about myself is: I have a good heart and can be one the nicest people you'll ever meet.

6. When I'm feeling sad: I used to just cry but now, I cry to the Lord and He fixes it.

7. When I daydream it's usually about: whatever. I could be daydreaming about a particular dish, dessert, more babies or a guy.

8. I'm afraid of: failure, not amounting to anything.

9. I'm happiest when: When things seem to be going well in every aspect of my life.

10. One thing that really worries me is: nothing really worries me. I guess because I know that God had ordained how things are going to go, so as long as I keep up my end of the bargain, He'll keep His.

11. If I could change one thing about myself it would be: To lose the weight I gained when I started Nursing school.

12. If I could be with anyone right now, it would be: God only knows, cause I sure as hell don't.

13. The family member I'm closest to is: my sister. She's younger than me by 1yr, 9mths.

14. If I was really honest with my Mother I would tell her: that I failed the class I failed cause I was an ass and didn't study at all. I failed on purpose.

15. One thing I regret about my life is: the path my life took when I was 15.

16. If I only had one more day to live I would: make sure I was squared with God.

17. If I was really honest with my father I would tell him: one of two ways to answer this. 1) tell him to suck my dick or 2) not say anything to him at all. I don't know where my biological dad is and I don't give a rat's ass. Now, my step dad, if I were to be honest with him, I'd tell him that even though he came into my life late, he's had such an impact in it.

18. One thing about me that nobody knows is: I'm super shy. I'm a total introvert. I know, go figure.

19. I hope that Someday in the future: I'll have more babies. I'm praying for 3 more.

20. When I think about my family I feel: appreciative. My family is awesome.

21. Something I'm really embarrassed about is: the first time I kissed a boy. I fainted. I was 14 and he tongue kissed me and I saw black and fainted. And also, I thought that after he kissed me with his tongue that I was pregnant.

22. One thing about me I never want to change is: My upbeat personality. My brother told me that I have the amazing ability to smile thru so much and to never lose that.

23. One thing I feel really proud of is: that God saw fit to give me Munchkin. The privilege to be his mommy.

24. Blogsville has helped me to: look deeper into myself and watch myself as I grow because I can time travel through this medium by putting something down and it's time stamped and I can go back to it sometime in the future and see where I was at the time. That's pretty awesome.

Since I don't know a lot of ppl on here, consider yourself automatically tagged and pls, let me know so that I can read about you.

Take care.


Naijalines said…
Feeling you on 3, 4 and 5.
I hate cruelty too.
T.Notes said…
Hahahaha!!!Awesome you!!!*I like!!*Now which number specifically?-Would have to go thru each one numerically to comment!!!
T.Notes said…
I agree to #5!!!
#13,didn't know she's younger than you??
Lol@ #14!!!!
musco said…
still believe u haven't let it all out!great knowing u better bt dn't think u re shy!

@T.Notes- What gave me the impression u don't do blogs on weekends?lol!
Anonymous said…
"...path my life took when I was 15." which is?

You are shy??? Sure not as much as me...

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