Katy Perry Says She's Tamed 'Professional Prostitute' Russell Brand

I scoffed at this headline I read on Google News. How can anyone, male or female, take credit for someone changing their previous habits once meeting them? I think it's more along the lines that that individual finally gets it. It, being that elusive (fill in th blank) that they've been searching for. When a guy, who is a major player, finally meets a descent chick and his player ways subside, I believe he's finally found all he's been searching for. Maybe he's been with so many women because he's been looking for whatever his ideal is and when he stops, he's found it in that particular female. That all being said, that chick should not take credit like she has some power to control him and make him change his ways. And even if she believes it, she shouldn't voice it out loud. She's only looking for trouble at that point, because he may think twice and go back to his old ways, just to prove a point. Any hoo, that's it folks. My two cents. Take care.


T.Notes said…
Do people really really ever change in that regard??I have my doubts.
YankeeNaija said…
i honestly think that some people can change cause i believe that they just haven't found "it." Hopefully Russell Brand has changed, but truly, I do have my doubts, but time will be the deciding factor.

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