All Natural

I no longer have a perm. My hair is natural. I decided to go natural, without even realizing I was going natural, about 4-5 years ago. I just got so tired of relaxing my hair and the burning and scars it caused to my scalp. So, I just put my hair in braids. I'd change braids every 6 months, not giving my hair a chance to breathe. Then last year, I stopped the braids entirely and my relaxed hair grew out. My hair now is just great, healthy, long (past shoulders, trying to get to arm pit length) and I love that it's so easy to take care of. A couple years ago, I pressed my hair for the firs time, by myself. I was terrified, but I eventually got the hang of it. I love having straight hair and would press and flat iron my hair once a month. But, I became worried about applying so much heat to my hair and now decided to just forgo the heat and just do braid-outs. All this is because I was remarking, to myself, how simple it is nowadays to take care of my hair. I washed my hair today, conditioned it, applied my leave-in conditioner and oil and braided my hair in 12 sections. So simple. Tomorrow, I'll take the braids out and wear my hair out. I'm just so stoked at how easy it is to manage my hair now. I know this isn't a hair forum and no, I'd never join one of those sites cause some of those people are CRAZY. Their obsession with their hair borders on insanity. I just realized that aside from the washing and conditioning of my hair, which I've started to really enjoy, is really the only lengthy process of my hair getting done. How cool is that? Enough of that, I have to think about what I'm really going to write about.


Anonymous said…
Let me see your hair....

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