My attempt at my first post of V monologue. Go ahead and laugh.

I've been here, waiting patiently for my turn to get some attention, but it's always the twins that live upstairs from me that get noticed first. Sometimes, they're so obvious, showing off all they have to offer, but it's the quiet ones, like me, that you have to watch out for.

Finally, he sees me and I smile, even drool a little, couldn't help it. He reaches for me and I melt in sheer anticipation. He knows how to touch me and stroke me and I just ooze with so much joy.

Even though the twins up stairs are the ones he sees first, it's always me that he ends with last.


musco said…

why shld I laugh?this seems better than any I have read or written!!!

I just hope I won't be visiting this spot every 5mins just to read again!
YankeeNaija said…
lol. thank you so much for that. you're definitely good for my ego. highest praise i've received. thank you.
T.Notes said…
You are NUTSSSSSSSSSS YN !!!!Absolutely NUTS!!!!!!!
Alrighttt,i see Musco's crazy monolgues is catching on!!!!
Holler when online!
I definitely like the play on words. Short, succinct but definitely clear. Nice one.
YankeeNaija said…
Oh wow you guys,thank you so much.
leggy said…
i liked and i thought it was funny not because it wasnt good.cos it was good.
YankeeNaija said…
thanks leggy. you rock.
Anonymous said…
At least, you never claimed not to know how to juxtapose words....

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