I like

I figured, since I have a list of I don'ts, why not have a list of things I like. As Bobby Brown, the king of R&B, said, "It's my prerogative."

1. I like chocolate. No need to elaborate.

2. I like intelligence. Actually, I love it. It's the biggest turn on. There's nothing sexier than talking with someone and he can speak on matters that are going on today, that are relevant and has knowledge of the most random things, like the study of mollusks.

3. I like funny. I love to laugh. Don't give me a box of candy, Godiva, or flowers, red, pink or burgundy carnations. Just make me laugh so hard that I cry.

4. I like watching the Food Network and the new Cooking Channel. There's just something about food, in whatever capacity, that evokes a certain feeling, emotion or memory. I can eat.

5. I like to be adventurous, where it counts. I like to explore, go off the beaten path once in a while. I've been planning my dream trip, a drive to San Francisco for the weekend, where I'd explore the city and the food, go to it's Chinatown and sample all kinds of Dim Sum, for example.

6. I like honesty. It's a difficult trait to have and I admire those that can pull it off.

7. I like me. Plain and simple, warts and all. I like how, with age, I'm developing, like a good wine. Cheesy though it may be, but I'm starting to understand what I've heard women older than me say. Being in my 30's is considerably better and easier than being in my 20's ever was. I'm starting to come into my own, gaining a greater sense of self and not really giving a shit about what other's think, to a certain point. lol.

8. I like the idea of romance. It never gets old. I was reading Musco's blog and he's quite romantic. The girl he's with is quite lucky. Can't wait for my own "loml" to come into the picture.

9. I like my family. In fact, I love my family, my mom, my sister, my two brothers and my son. We've been through so much and the things we've overcome has strengthened our bond.

10. Most importantly, I like my Father. I love my Father, the Lord Almighty. He has seen me through some of the toughest things any human has had to face and He continues to guide me and helps me grow.


Anonymous said…
What about, i like you? Okay, re-phrase that, i like the way your mind (thots, expressed in words) works.

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