Chiwetel Ejiofor

All I can say is, HUBBA HUBBA.  Latest crush alert.  Dude is just too fine.  Too bad he's shorter than me.  I'm watching 2012 and remembered that I've had a crush on this man for ages.  Dude is just too fine AND he speaks with a British accent and when I googled him (yes, I google), I read where he went to a drama school in Scotland, so I'm thinking there's a chance he can do a Scottish accent upon request.  lol.  (A girl can dream).  Dude is just too fine.  I could write a song about his lips.  Ok, that's enough.  lol.


T.Notes said…
I leave u idle for a few days and seeee what u're getting up to alreaaady!!!!
YankeeNaija said…
I don't know what you mean (halo hovering over my head)
Naijalines said…
That's some crush, lol.
Funny...I was watching a documentary yesterday about undercover work and there was this guy with a northern (Lancashire, UK) accent. It was quite light, not broad, and damn sexy. Picture it, guy in uniform... I just smiled to myself. A light scottish accent often has the same effect:)
musco said…
hmmmmm .... see our blogville women o.

men on blogville have to step up their game!
rethots said…
...and dreams do come to pass.

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