I was just downstairs, eating breakfast with the Munchkin, and I was thinking about what it is I'm looking for in an SO. I should stop saying that cause I don't want a domestic partner, I want a husband. Gad zooks, I said it! I want a husband. And was thinking of putting up a list of attributes. But then, I started to wonder, I'm making up this list right? What about the list of a guy? Would I fit the list he'd make up? That is, if guys really make lists of the kind of girl/woman/chick they dig. So, I'm sort of turning things around. I'm listing all the stuff about me that I think a guy/dude/man would dig (lol). Well, maybe not a list, per se, but whatever it is, just go with me on this. So, I'll describe myself. I'm brown-skinned, the color of chocolate. I'm tall, 5'11. I'm not fat and not skinny, somewhere in between. I have both tits and ass, meaning my breasts are big and my butt is big. My hair, which I just dyed black, is dk brown. I have brown eyes, beautifully arched eyebrows (naturally arched, but I do thread them to keep them neat), a nose (not too wide/flat or bulbous). My lips are somewhere in the middle. They're not thin and they're not fat and juicy. They're a happy medium. My ears don't stick out and my chin is strong. I have long arms, long legs, and big feet (sz 11 shoes baby, sucks, but you just deal). That's the physical stuff. How am I doing so far? Am I still on the list?

Personality: I'm funny. I'm witty. I'm intelligent and the biggest goof ball on the planet.

Misc: I can cook. Not just that I can cook, I LOVE to cook. I can cook traditonal naija fare and other dishes too like traditional american food, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, you get the gist. I bake too. I learned to bake when I was living in Lagos, 13 years ago, and stumbled on a Kitchenaid mixer my aunt had gotten as a wedding present when she married my uncle. She'd never used it, and at that point, they'd been married about 6yrs. So, I just read the recipes pamphlet that came with the device and started baking just about everything.

Not sure if a guy is this specific, but who knows. I know the first list I made, it spanned about 5 pages, filled all the things I was looking for in a guy. I was 19 when I made that list. I made another list shortly after my marriage dissolved, and that was about 3 pages full. Now, at 34, my list probably won't even take a full page. Why? Because I've learned that 1. No one is perfect. Every person, including moi, has flaws. 2. As long as the core of the person is intact i.e. values, character, morals, belief system, we're good. 3. My desire as far as the physicality of the person changes with the wind, but as long as there's Nigerian in there somewhere, I'm good, even if he speaks with a Scottish accent (shut up YOU!). So that's pretty much it. It's a long weekend, not really, just feels like it cause I have no plans to go out, so, I may have more than one or two or three posts today. Tootles.


musco said…
Will definitely send in my CV. I could be ur virtual husband bt d problem will be d distance because I'm just wondering how I'm going to be able to eat all dt food u will cook if I'm far away ... will DHL be able to cover that?(Musco! - dis ur mouth)

On a more serious note ... I think u ve taken d 1st major step knowing nobody is perfect no matter d no of qualities u put down on paper.

U already ve a dream of d kind of MAN u want, stick to ur dreams.Why? ...dreams come true!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, nice one. However, if i can list what i want with the aim of been observant to find it in her, then, 'tis her prerogative to know what she wants and be observant to know if i qualify.

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