To all the men out there. God love you, but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND your species, at all!!! I've been trying to figure out how to go about this particular post cause it's about my recent ex bf. He called me yesterday morning, around 11:30. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. We haven't communicated since the last text he sent me. So, I see a missed call. I initially thought that my phone had somehow dialed him by mistake (my purse was on top of my phone) but as I checked my phone, he had actually called ME. He didn't leave a message. So, I called him back and I asked if he had just called me and he said yes because he wanted to know how I was doing. I told him I was doing fine and asked how he was. As we're talking, I'm thinking to myself that this is pretty odd cause we're chatting as if we just spoke a couple days ago. I was also wondering if I would melt under his charm. But I didn't. HAHA! Success! Oh wait, I should save that for the end. As we were talking, he asked me if I'd come to my senses yet. I asked about what and said about me breaking up with him and saying that all we're going to be at this point are friends. I reiterated to him that in fact, he had broken up with me by completely ditching me on the day we were supposed to go out. Long story short, he wanted to see if we would get back together again and I said NO WAY JOSE! Are you kidding me? See, this is what I mean about no longer just settling. The old me would've actually taken him back and made excuses for him and just would've gone on, business as usual. But this is the new me and the new me said, "GTFOH buddy." That was yesterday and I've yet to hear from him again. So this is where I say HAHA! Success. lol. You men. Oy! God help us women to deal with your shenanigans in Jesus name. Amen.


Anonymous said…
*brainstorming* who is more 'irrarional'? Men or Women?

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