I have this pet peeve, several actually, but right now, my focus is on pronunciation.  When a word is pronounced incorrectly, it's like nails down a chalkboard for me.  Seriously, it could drive me over the edge.  Case in point: I watch the new Food Channel and I'm slowly starting to love it.  Granted, my feeling is that the Food Network created this channel so that they could continue to bombard us with the usual celebrity chefs.  I was hoping that the Food Channel would be a medium, as they initially advertised it, that would be used to showcase unheard of chefs, cuisines from different cultures, etc.  But I digress.  My issue, ladies and gentlemen, is with one particular personality on the Food Channel.  I'm so annoyed with this dude that I don't even remember his name.  I think his first name is Daryl.  Well, Mr. Daryl has committed the sin of all sins.  Wait for it...When he says the word Vodka, he says Voka.  VOKA.  Seriously?  VODKA.  Is that word really difficult to pronounce?  I mean come on!  Voka.  I'll catch his show now and again, but as soon as I see that he has anything that has to do with VODKA, I quickly change the channel.  So, imagine my surprise when he was showcasing beer.  And at one particular establishment, he was demonstrating a mixed drink with beer.  But one of the key ingredients, was, you guessed it, Vodka.  So, he's mentioning all the things he's adding to the mix and when he said VOKA, I lost it.  So, instead of being able to tell him where he could stick his VOKA, I'm ranting here, on blogville.  lol.  Just needed to get that off my chest.  I swear, if anyone chooses to make a comment and in some way says VOKA in their comment, I'll excommunicate you.  Oh yes, I have the power.


musco said…
Hope u feel much better now that you have gotten it off ur chest????
BSNC said…
hahah na wa o. All this about vodka maybe he has an accent now. Free the guy and enjoy the show.
Naijalines said…
I am soooo tempted to say it: vo..
LOL! My daugher Tom-tom is just like me, such a tease...it drives me mad.
YankeeNaija said…
@musco: yeah, till i see his show again.

@BSNC: he's american. lol. free him? neva! lol

@NJ: lol.

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