I have a confession to make: I'm prejudiced.

There, I've said it. Should I feel ashamed? I don't know. You tell me. Wanna hear about, well, here it goes...

I have these likes, mainly dislikes, when I spot someone. I'm an observer. I love to just blend in the background and watch what's going on in front of me. I sometimes border on staring and when I get caught, sometimes I'll look away quickly and pretend as if I hadn't seen them or sometimes, I may look at them and smile.

So, what am I prejudiced about? It's not what you think. I'm not prejudiced against anyone for their skin color, their sexual orientation, their religious beliefs, or anything that's really significant. OH NO! It'll be easier if I just list them and (hopefully) be able to explain why I'm prejudiced about the things I'm prejudiced about.

1. I don't like fat earlobes. Laugh all you want, but there's something about fat earlobes that turn me off completely. There's nothing sexy about them. I have a nickname for them, Buddha ears. That's all I see, Buddha, when I see fat earlobes.

2. I don't like fat guys. Fat guys turn me off. As soon as I see one, I imagine him naked and it's not a pretty picture. I don't want to see a fat man naked.

3. I don't like guys who wear rings on their middle finger. The rule of thumb (and what I learned from my uncle who is a fashion guru) is that only bush guys wear their rings on their middle fingers. A guy is only allowed to wear his ring on his pinky or ring fingers, that's it. Same rules apply to rings on thumbs and you cannot wear your rings on both the pinky and ring finger on the same hand. So gauche.

4. I don't like guys who don't have good diction. Such a turn off having a conversation with a guy who can't speak well. As I've posted before (before I became celibate), I could lose my draws/knickers/panties just on some good conversation.

5. I don't like guys who curse profusely. Once in a while and not really around me but if every other word is a curse word, "Wow, that s*&t was f&*king hard.", then I tune out.

6. I don't like guys with K-leg. Sorry. Again, my uncle's influence. I come from a family where we're all bow-legged and my uncle used to make a HUGE deal whenever he saw anyone with a K-leg, let alone guys. I got the dislike through osmosis.

7. I don't like guys who smoke. Smells awful. YUCK!

8. I don't like guys that drink excessively. I don't drink. I have no tolerance for alcohol. Literally, I take a sip, I'm already dizzy, that's how bad it is. I don't like guys who treat booze like water. That's all they drink. If a guy has to drink, drink in moderation but not drinking at all is far more preferable.

9. I don't like guys whose butts are bigger than mine, and I have a big ass. I dated a dude, was engaged to him (before I met my son's father) whose ass was WAY bigger than mine. A total shocker. Needless to say, it didn't work out. To this day, when I see a dude with a fat ass, I run the other way.

10. I don't like guys that just push up on me on the dance floor. I remember a party we went to last year and I finally heard my fav song at the time JESSY MATADOR DECALE GWADA. I was so stoked and was getting my groove on when this dude just jumped in from behind and started dancing with me and messed up my flow. I was not happy.

11. I don't like guys that have that piece of hair under their bottom lip. Look, either have a full on beard, mustache, or facial hair. Don't have THAT! I'll cut it off if I can, shave it off while he's sleeping. (insert evil laugh)

That's all I could think of. I know it all sounds retarded. I know this. But, this is me and my quirks. I'm sure I'm on someone's list for people who don't like the oddest things. lol. Take care.


leggy said…
i dont like fat guys either.
i pretty much cosign apart from the ring one, i really dont mind where they wear their rings.
YankeeNaija said…
12. Guys who kiss with their eyes open. Creepy!
T.Notes said…
LOL@@@Kissing with eyes open!!!
Sugarking said…
Wait, so ur bow legged but dislike K-legged guys? A war of the legs? lol. Interesting!
YankeeNaija said…
13. Men with hairy chests. Especially when they decide to wear a v-neck t-shirt or open shirt or no shirt. Hairy chests are NOT sexy. Mind you, this is just my opinion, but yeah, not sexy.
Anonymous said…
Fair...... 'sophisticated'. Hmmm, No 1 - 13 and i can 'picture' you, finesse and all.

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