It's just sex, right?

I'm watching the L word. I love this show. Funny thing is that when it first came out, I refused to watch it because it made me uncomfortable. So, the show ends and I now have Netflix. I started watching it, out of curiosity, truth be told I was horny as hell and wanted to get off (masturbate). I absolutely love this show. So, it leads to what I want to ask. Sex, hetero or homo sexual, it's just sex, right? The reason why I ask is because watching this show begs the question about sex in monogamous relationships and casual sex. When you're with someone and you're with them, sex is involved. When you're out of a relationship and need physical release, sex is involved. So, how sacred is it? Back in the day, sex used to be the equivalent of the gift you found at the bottom of the crackerjack box. It used to be something to look forward to, but now it feels like it's obligatory. I think that's why I'm celibate. I'm reevaluating what place sex holds in my life. I used to view sex as a means to an end. I went through stages where sex was an expression of whether someone cared for me and vice versa. Another stage where it was a form of empowerment, meaning that I would have sex when I wanted to with whoever I wanted. I had my moments where I had a go to guy for those moments of feeling lonely and just needed a dick. It wasn't a relationship, it was convenience. But now, I'm past all that. I'm celibate. I'm at a place where I treasure it and want to share it with someone who means so much to me. I don't want just a casual experience anymore. I want fulfillment, if that even makes sense. I want to be able to connect with someone on a deeper level, spiritual even with sex. In a nutshell, I'm waiting till I remarry to engage in sex. Won't even do it when I meet this person and we're dating. I want it to be something to look forward to again.


T.Notes said…
lol...well i like the brute honesty,n yeah i do applaud ur noble intentions.I (earnestly,now seriously!!)do wish you the best in staying thru with it.N i'm not being a smart ass there.*wink wink*

Ok,let me do as i have rarely done on blogger n be momentarily down right brute honest!lol!The "horny as hell" thang is a bi&*#h, and when it does persists, especially when you're on a celibacy run,every reasonable form of alternative release even becomes a bore.(Like we all know).E.g when a guy reaches the point where bare naked chic pics aren't doing it Ask T.notes!

On the flip side,over casualising sex itself also looses its fervour after a while. Welllll unless if u'r lucky enough to....nope,i insist,it does loose its trip after a while.

So what to do??...Wait for it nowwwww: this is the high point!The answer to all hazy questions in this regard IS...(DRUMROLLS pls!)

***Buy a huge bag of salted popcorn, get a lone dark room n cozy up watching FastForward till the hornyness is momentarily forgotten!!!

Lol!!!Woah,I def got comfy on this comment page!
Sugarking said…
hehehe. Good luck babes!
Berean Girl said…
It's a good decision you've made, sex tends to complicate things a lot.
YankeeNaija said…
@ T. Notes: lmao. thanks for the advice. on another note: the comment you made about my other post, what gives? I just want to know what your thoughts were.
YankeeNaija said…
@ Sugar: lol. I'm not sure if you mean it as in good luck, hope you do well or good luck, yeah that's not gonna last. lol. either way, thanks for the luck. And yes, I mean it.
YankeeNaija said…
@Berean: that's an understatement. sex is great, the feelings it can illicit is great but it's a deeper connection than I gave it credit for. It's like a frickin weapon and if you don't know how to use it, you'll hurt yourself or someone else.

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