How Bizarre

Bear with me, I'm translating HOW BIZARRE in different languages. Trust me, there's a point to this madness. What I have to say (write) warrants the notion that it's so bizarre.

How Bizarre (English, obviously)
Come Bizzarro (Italian)
Comment bizarre (french)
Wie bizarre (German)
Como bizarro (Portuguese)
¿Cómo extraño? (Spanish)

Right then. Now that that's out of my system, down to the nitty gritty.

My ex-boyfriend sent me a text on 06/08/10, at 9:18am, saying, "just sending you a good morning. I hope and pray that all is well with you." You may ask, what's so strange in that? Well my dear, let me tell you.

Quick Recap: the last time I communicated with my ex boyfriend was the day we were supposed to go out. We'd agreed on a time and what entailed with hanging with one's SO. Things didn't work out that way. He stood me up. He never called, never let me know what the deal was. For all I know he could have been dead. I called him pretty much every half hour, both house and cell phone, and he never answered. This was a Monday. I received no communication on Tuesday. I received one text, which I ignored, on Wednesday asking what was going on. Yup. That's all I got and that's the end of the recap. End scene.

Fast forward to 6/08/10, when I received the above text. I was curious mind you because as I said, I had no idea what had happened to him. I responded and asked him what had happened. He told me that he had been stranded. His car went kaput and he had to walk home. He even told me that his cell phone had died (AMAZING). He TOLD me he had to walk home (several blocks) and he finally made it home. After saying ndo, pele, sorry ooo, I asked him why he didn't call. That's when I got the "my cellphone died" spiel. I asked him then, when he got home, why he didn't call. He said he was angry about his car dying and he was so stressed out. I then responded with how he should have called at least and let me know what the deal was, still he clung to that excuse. He simply said that it was late that night and he was upset. I stated to him that at some point, he would've gotten the messages and at least should have called me back, but he said that he thought I would be upset with him. He then asked me, "are we cool?" I said, "we're cool. I think we'll always be friends. So no worries mate, we're friends." He then said, "OK, friends." He then went on to ask me if I was seeing anyone and I responded that I wasn't, that I was in fact celibate. I asked him the same and he said no.

Long story short, he wanted me to send him sexy pics like I used to. I told him no, that as his friend, that was verboten. He went on to clarify our situation by saying that TECHNICALLY we hadn't broken up. I told him that the rules of dating state that once there's been a lapse in communication for an unspecified amount of time, then the relationship is over by default. He then asked me point blank if I still wanted to be with him and I told him no.

What did I gain from this interaction? Well, for one, I finally have the closure I didn't think I'd need. And two, this is the person he is and it took this final situ with him to allow me to finally see that and know that as much as we had history and I thought that we'd end up together, there's a difference between fantasy (my idea of what really is) and reality (what's really before me). And also, I feel as if I've unloaded this heavy chain that was around my neck. Never noticed it before till it was gone. Cool. Too bad my weight can't disappear just as quickly.

Till next time. Take care.


Berean Girl said…
Clearly, this is just a guy that wants to eat his cake and have it. Good riddance.

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