Absolute randomness

I'm sitting here, in front of my computer, searching the web for whatever. Right now, I'm googling how to make homemade potato chips. I've found that I cook a lot more, especially now that Munchkin is home for the summer. I don't like buying him food from outside, but sometimes it's unavoidable, especially when I'm so tired cause of the Nursing program. But now that we're both on vacay, I cook wayyyy more than I used to. I've perfected my stew-making abilities. I've improvised too in my quest to make chinese food for him. He looooovvvveeesss chow mein noodles but being a broke nursing student is no fun, so I had an idea to make "chinese" noodles with spaghetti. I had left over chicken and veggies from the stir fry I made a week ago and cooked some spaghetti. I mixed the two together and added some stir fry sauce (first time using the stuff) and presto, magico, chinese noodles were born and munchkin fell in love. The kid devoured the stuff and I was pleased (insert big smile). And for lunch today, he had a homemade burger and homemade fries and loved that too, as long as their was A LOT of ketchup. Go figure with the kid and his love of condiments. It started with salad dressing, specifically ranch, and now it's ketchup. Oy! So, now, I'm on the quest to make homemade chips, because the kid can devour a whole bag of Lay's chips, the yellow bag, if left to his own devices. So, off I go, on my quest to make homemade chips. Peace out.


Sisi Yemmie said…
I just learnt how to make ojojo online (yoruba condiment) but no water yam
YankeeNaija said…
nice!!!! it's always rewarding when you learn something and master it.

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