The title for this puff piece is the one of the nicknames I call my six year old son.

The first time I called him baby-cakes, he didn't say a word. He came when I called him, but he didn't say whether he liked it or not. Mindless of whether he liked it or not, I continued to call him baby-cakes. This past Sunday, while leaving church and walking to my car, he asked me why I hadn't called him baby-cakes in a while. Too cute. I told him there wasn't any reason and I'd continue calling him baby-cakes, he smiled and said, "ok." Mind you, this is the same kid that had the nickname bunny, thanks to my sister, and he went nuts. He was around three at the time, but he'd had the nickname since he was one. He vehemently opposed bunny and said he looked nothing like a rabbit and could we please stop calling him bunny. LMAO. We did, but it was so hard because that's what we'd been calling him for ages. So, bunny was dropped. It took me a year to even attempt to give him another nickname. I started calling him munchkin from out of nowhere and he liked it. He answered when I called him munchkin and we just went with it. It's gotten so bad now that I've almost forgotten he has a real name. lol. So, after munchkin, I started calling him baby-cakes. Baby-cakes came from nowhere, just some random name I thought up and he liked it. So, right now anyway, I'm calling my kid munchkin and baby-cakes. I'm taking full advantage of this time because he's getting ready to start the first grade and things could go downhill. When I pick him up from kindergarten, he hugs me in front of his classmates and I get kisses too, (yay!). From moms I've spoken to, they say that this is usually the age where they stop showing any affection in public and that would suck royally. But for the time being, my munchkin sees no problems in kissing and hugging his mommy in public and neither do I. (MASSIVE SMILE ON MY FACE RIGHT NOW.)


musco said…
can't wait to be a father!wait ...actually started thinking along that line after I read the post.

special rgrds to ur son.
YankeeNaija said…
@ Musco: Thank you. It's the best. Funny thing is that I didn't like kids really before I had my son. I like them a little more, still not much (lol), but I love my kid.
Berean Girl said…
This reminds of a scene from Maid in Manhattan when J.Lo tried to kiss her son as she dropped him off at school and he was shy. Enjoy your munchkin before he becomes a big boy. Lol
YankeeNaija said…
@Berean: Oh trust me, I do.

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