1st Grade

I'm getting the Munchkin ready for 1st grade. He turned 6 in May so I bought him two books, both to get him ready for the 1st grade with math and phonics. We're steadily working on both and it's exciting.

I think it was the last day of kindergarten and he asked me if 1st grade was hard. I told him it wasn't. In fact, I told him it was so much fun. He looked at me like, sure, yeah right. He told me that one of his friend's older sister, who is 7, told them that 1st grade was hard. I told him that it all depended on how you go into it. If you go into it thinking it's hard, it'll be hard, but, if you go into it thinking it'll be easy, it'll be easy. After much thought, he said, " I believe YOU mommy cause you're older than my friend's sister." BIG SMILE ON MY FACE.

So, we're getting ready. It's amazing that even though this is the 1st grade, it's the starting point, really, for my son's academic career. I want to start him off on the right foot. So, during his summer break, we spend time going over his lessons. We just finished and the thought for this post came to my mind. I was looking through the book and it starts off with kindergarten review material then, progresses to the more challenging stuff. Even I'm excited. It's like I get to go through the whole process all over again.

I think my son has taken after me in that he loves math. I LOVE math. If I could marry math, I would. Math has so many complexities but when it's boiled down, it's so simple. And I think my son has found that same love with math. YAY! But, I want him to be good at reading and grammar as well. Wow, such new ground that we're exploring. We'll see where the adventure takes us.


congrats on your little munchkin starting first grade!

LMAO @ you wanting to marry math though!

God's guidance on your son's academic career :)
YankeeNaija said…
@ Amazonian: So kind of you. Thank you. Quite serious about my love for math. lol.
Anonymous said…
"I believe YOU mommy..." double wow. No 'greater' desire one can wish of one's child.

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