I've resisted putting something up because I didn't have anything profound to say and I still don't, but I just wanted to write something, in hopes that my juices would start flowing.  We'll see how it goes:

I had this idea to write about something yesterday.  I had the idea in my head but I completely forgot what I was going to write about.  I was in Beverly Hills yesterday.  I work in Beverly Hills now and during my lunch break, I had to run some errands.  Something caught my attention but for the life of me, I just cannot remember what it was.  How sad.  

On another note, I'm no longer w/ CG.  Turns out we were in no way, shape, or form compatible.  I think I'd always known, but I just wanted someone around and hoped that we would work.  But I am seeing someone, but it's purely physical.  The thing is, I'm tired of having purely physical relationships.  I want a relationship w/ meaning.  I want a relationship based on deeper foundations instead of whether he can get me off and vice versa.

On yet another note, I failed the Nursing Program and have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do.  I've fully immersed myself in my job, but I haven't given up hope.  I'm seeking out other options, other Nursing Programs to apply to.  It's still so sad and depressing though.  I feel like a failure of sorts and somewhat depressed, but I'm not wallowing in my misery, I'm actually taking steps to do something about it, which in itself is good.  

Thanksgiving was great w/ the whole family together because my two brothers came in from out of town.  It was really nice to have the interaction w/ them that I miss on the regular.  

I guess I was able to jot something down after all.  Tootles.


Naijalines said…
Alleluia, she's updated!
Off to read.
Naijalines said…
Sounds like you've had a tough time. It's good that you're keeping your spirits up cos this will help you bounce back into greater things ahead. Some things happen for a reason and maybe nursing is not meant to be your path. I would spend some time enjoying the current role and pray for the next course of action to be made clearer.

Wishing you the best and Godspeed. *Kisses*
Yaayyyy,you're back!
Awwww on the nursing exams! That sucks!But no worries jor...we just pick up and restrategize.Don't be down for too long.
Mucho Hugs!!!
musco said…
Nursing or no nursing, I know u'v still got what it takes to RULE D WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss u loads!!!
YankeeNaija said…

@TN: Trouble maker. I see you. Thanks for the positive pump. Hugs to you too.

@Musco!!!!!!!!: my partner in crime. How I have missed you.

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