God's presence

I had a convo of sorts w/ God and told Him that I wish that He were around.  I told Him that I wished that He were tangible.  This is something I said to Him as I was getting on the freeway on my way to work this morning.  Imagine my astonishment when I was driving, getting close to work and a HUGE rainbow was before me.  I know for some this may not mean anything, but for me, it means A LOT.

Thank you Father for first of all, hearing me and second of all showing me that You are around.


musco said…
I need that kind of presence in my life right now. I'm absolutely going nuts!!!!!!

I'm patiently waiting for my rainbow too...
T.Notes said…
I wish i'd get responses as swift as that!!!!
lucci said…
Musco, i'm with you, i have come to a point i know i can not do it own my own, i'm simply not enough, but this minute i surrender all.
Cleopatra Jones said…
I definitely need to work on my relationship with God. I feel like I've let myself forget about Him and gotten caught up with the details of my life. Thanks for reminding me to step back and look for the Divine in everything! =)

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