I'm at work and taking a quick break to post this.  I came out of the bathroom some minutes ago.  Our work bathroom is pristine, even on a weekend.  I had to pee so badly and so I rushed into the loo.  Lo and behold, the stench that awaited me was unlike anything my nose had ever beheld.  There are three stalls and the smell was strongest in the first stall.  I moved to the second and the smell wafted into the second and when I tried going into the third and final stall, it was too strong.  I bailed out of the ladies bathroom and ran into the men's bathroom.  Luckily it's the wknd and there are no men around so I was able to use the bathroom.  But it got me to think about the smell I encountered in the women's bathroom.  It wasn't the smell from someone having a bowel movement, but the smell from a woman's vagina.  Now, as a woman, I know that we have our natural smell.  But this smell was far beyond even my own comprehension.  It was FOUL!  I have the pleasure of receiving oral sex from my current guy and I was wondering the poor guy who has to be in the company of the owner of such a strong and pronounced odor.  My God.  I can't even imagine.  You know, let's not even go the sex route.  Just imagine having to be in the company of that individual, with them fully clothed.  How do you comport yourself when you know that that individual has this foul stench emanating from their nether regions?  I'm usually outspoken, but I think that in this instance, I'd keep my mouth shut, just because I wouldn't know what to say.  I don't think I'd have the tact necessary to point out to the individual that they need a serious overhaul in their cleaning ritual that would include they pay closer attention to washing old girl.


T.Notes said…
Next blog should be about the oral sexing...all these talk of infected vavi-J's making me loose my appetite both for food and for...whipped cream on flesh!*Snicker*
Unknown said…
YN, Eugh, eugh, eugh!
I'll have to starve today now! Don't think I can stomach any food.

@ T.Notes
LMAO, not surprised. It's enough to put anyone off.

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