Weekend update

So, this past weekend, Caribbean Guy (CG), true to his word, came to the prewedding party and wedding and met my mother, briefly.

Prewedding Party:
My sister and I showed up at almost 11pm.  CG was supposed to be there at midnight.  My sis and I hung out, saw a couple of people we know and were just chilling.  We didn't dance when we got there immediately.  Midnight rolled around and CG wasn't there.  My sis made a comment about it and asked if he was going to show and I told her that if he did, great, if he didn't oh well.  I played w/ the games on my phone to occupy my mind so that I wouldn't think about CG not showing up and to keep me from looking at the time.  So, I danced w/ a couple guys I knew, one a total jackass who my sister dated eons ago and a guy I met at a Labor Day party 3yrs ago, who had since gotten married and had two kids, but still looked cute.  So, I was dancing with the first guy, the jackass, when I spotted CG on the side, just watching me.  He had a drink in his hand and I left the jackass on the floor and went to CG and said hey.  He kept looking at me with this look on his face and a smile on his lips.  Weird.  I asked him how he was and he said good and said I looked like I had fun on the floor.  I told him that I really wasn't having fun but I wanted to dance and jackass was the only one who was willing.  He laughed.  We went to the other side of the venue, where it was quiet, sat and chatted for a bit.  He and I were talking and he made a comment about how my sister missed my company and that he would be back.  I thought that was odd and figured maybe he saw someone else who had caught his eye and wanted to hook up.  I was like whatever and just sat there for a minute.  I got up, went to dance with a girlfriend of mine.  At that point, the guy I had talked to 3yrs ago pulled me to dance with him and I was like sure.  We danced.  We danced for a bit till he said that there was a guy mad dogging him.  I turned to see who he was talking about but I didn't see anyone and asked him to describe what the guy was wearing.  He described CG's shirt and I knew it was him.  My friend asked me if the guy eying him was someone he should be worried about and I said no and that we should just keep dancing.  I was really starting to sweat and wanted to grab some napkins and dry off so I excused myself and saw CG.  He asked if I was having a good time and I said yes.  I told him I was in search of some napkins and that I'd be right back.  Went in search of said napkins, found none, grabbed a paper plate and started fanning myself.  Went back to CG and asked him if he wanted to dance.  He said sure and we made our way to the dance floor.  We danced very close, I mean very close.  I didn't dance that close w/ the other blokes I danced w/.  We danced for a while till the music was whack.  When the music was good again, we danced till they shut the party down.  As we were leaving the venue, CG walked me out to where my sister was waiting for me and kissed me goodnight.  Good kiss.  Really good kiss.  He told me to text him and let him know I got home safely, which I did.

My sister got to the reception between 6 and 7pm.  CG was supposed to be there at 7, but was late.  No biggie, again, I didn't stress.  My philosophy was if he showed, great, if not, oh well.  So our mom got there almost 9 pm.  CG sent me a text that he was lost but found his way to the site.  He wasn't sure what building we were at and I went outside the door to see if he might see me and know where the reception was being held.  He saw me, I saw him, sparks.  Serious sparks.  So, I take him inside, to our table and intro him to mom.  Mom is all smiles and they greet one another.  The table we sat at had mom's friends there so my sis had the idea for us to move to the back where our friends were sitting.  CG was like where you go, I'll go.  So, we went to the back and hung out with our crew.  Everyone seemed taken w/ CG and were including him in all the gists and silliness.  He loved it.  Another hour goes by before I feel up to dancing and CG and I go to the dancefloor with my sister and a friend of ours.  Mom bounces to the floor and gets her groove on.  The five of us form this sort of circle and are dancing.  It starts getting really hot in the place and I need some air and so CG and I go out to get some air.  I sit on the bumper of a truck and he calls his brothers who called him while we were dancing.  As he's chatting w/ his brothers, he's looking at me and I look back, total eye contact.  He gets off the phone and kisses me.  Good kiss.  Really good kiss.  We go back inside, dance for a bit and all of us call it a night.  He walks me back to my car and gives me a hug and kiss and again tells me to text him as soon as I get home.

The end.  LOL.


Aku$hika said…
I like CG, in fact any man who is not afraid to meet the family, especially the mothers,is A+ in my book lol...
Girl i see you're really enjoying these kisses :-)
Unknown said…
Hmmm...these kisses...are they french, teasing-lingering-feathery or just quick kisses on the mouth. You are being coy;)

But yeah, your enjoyment shows.
inStilettos said…
so did you text again.... green green green with envy... can't believe I've missed this much ... CG sounds so cool... Gosh! Happy for you!
musco said…
I'm more interested in the kisses. Naijalines seem to know the various types of kisses. I wonder what she was up to back in the days....

Musco!'This your mouth go put u in trouble soon'

Go girl and special regards to d CG.
YankeeNaija said…
@NJ: LOL. I'll just say that the kisses a great.

@Musco: Thanks luv. Thot you'd forgotten all abt me. I'm just saying, NJ is going to hurt you. LOL.
YankeeNaija said…
@ IS: yes I did. you're life is way more exciting than mine. i'm the one that's green w/ envy and i still want to know who "he"is.
Unknown said…
Yn, I will kill that aburo of mine... maybe his cyber mouth will do the job for me;)

@ Musco
Oya get ready to receive the koboko from T.Notes. I did not say 'anything' o. Hehehehe.

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