My breasts

Breasts given by God
for nourishment for my child
for pleasure for my lover

My breasts
prepubescently insignificant
flat and bare as untiled land

Budding mounds 
barely seen, yet noticed
not yet ready to impress the world
enough to impress me

Firm, supple, succulent
untouched by gravity
gravity defying
high peaks
upturned points

Engorged, sensitive to touch
filled w/ milk to feed my babe
stretched skin, darkened nipples and areolae

No longer gravity defying
pulled to the ends of the earth by gravity
no longer upturned peaks

Still found useful by my lover and me
still seen as God's gifts to me
no longer that of a child
now those of a woman


musco said…

Naijalines said…
Lol @ Musco

"Breastologue" - apt, I would say.

Are we meant to deduce from the Breastologue, many 'things' and inspiration from recent urm... *'experiences'*?

*including the imagination...of course.*
YankeeNaija said…
LOL. No. Simply an observation because my six year old son, whom I nursed, was laying his head on my breast and it got me to thinking about the journey my breasts have undergone.
inStilettos said…
lol at Musco aka 'le trouble' and NL... luv'd it and luv'd how it takes you through the various stages of a woman's maturity! nice...

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