I love the Lord

There was a time, in my mind, where I wanted to designate Sundays as a day to post about the Lord or anything that had to do w/ God and I haven't kept to that idea.  I'm a bit late, being that today is Monday, but whatever.

In my prayer group today, the passage we read was Isa 45:1-23.  The part about this passage that got to me and what the preacher preached on was how God does SO MUCH for us, but we still don't acknowledge him.  I felt so awful, so ashamed because I can totally relate.  It was speaking to me.  There are so many things I want to do to change that beginning with praying to Him instead of just talking to Him and praising Him more.  

There was a song we sang today in church that I love.  The song is called "In every age, Oh God, you have been our refuge."  Great song.  It went with the sermon we heard in church.   The priest preached on the gospel, according to Luke, Luke 14:25-33.  

I loved this Sunday, because it was just a spirit-filled day and I feel so blessed and honored that God has given me the privilege to worship Him.

Song in my head right now is Whitney Houston's Hasten to His Throne.  I love that song, especially the part where she sings, "I love the Lord.  He heard my cry and pitied every groan.  Long as I live, and troubles rise, I'll hasten to His throne."  

God is good.  Praise the Lord.  Halleluia Hosanna.  Amen.


Naijalines said…
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Naijalines said…
Are you trying to avoid telling us about the weekend with mister? Better hurry up with the gist.

Yeah the Whitney song is one of my favourite gospel songs. As you know, I had it up recently on the "Rejoice" post.
YankeeNaija said…
@ NJ: No way. I am going to post what happened, just wanted to put this up for Sunday, but procrastinated till Monday.

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