Thursday's date

Wow, feels like I've been gone for two weeks, but only a couple days.  So, this is an update from the date I had with the Caribbean Guy I met at the party I went to a couple weeks ago.  It was awesome.  Just awesome.  Why was it awesome you ask?  Because we talked for the whole night.  Now, why is that such a big deal you ask?  Cause before the date, we talked and texted everyday and thought we wouldn't have a lot to talk about.  Let me just say that for whatever reason, before we met up, I was seriously nervous.  My stomach was doing flip flops and running every which way.  So, we met up, ate and just talked.  We talked about everything under the sun from family to politics, our convo ran the gamete.  He is wicked smart and so sweet.  Such a nice guy, a really nice guy.  But there is one mar to this amazing guy.  He's a Republican.  I'm a Liberal Democrat.  LOL.  Really, it's not a biggie.  I know a few peeps are going to read this a make fun cause I'm gushing.  Yup, I'll be ready to admit I'm gushing.  I'm gushing cause I met a really nice guy who is so smart and funny and is not in a rush.  We're taking it as it comes.  There's a prewedding party and wedding this weekend that he cancelled his trip out of town to go to with me and we'll see how that goes.

School is kicking my ass but I love it.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It's only been a couple days, really that I've been gone from this space?  Hmmmm...feels so much longer.  Have a great weekend you guys.


Aku$hika said…
girl, i can tell you had a blast, take it easy and have fun with it.
Unknown said…
Yeah, have fun girl!

"It feels long" (does that mean you missed blogging then?).
I could make a joke on the pun but it doesn't seem appropriate, somehow.

Have a great week and please get us some juicy gist on how it goes at the weekend (urm...that's assuming there will be no time for blogging until then? ;)
musco said…
@Naijalines- Feel free to make a joke on d pun o ..... focus is solely now on Tom Tom.


@YankeeNaija- Go girl!
Sugarking said…
" He's a Republican. I'm a Liberal Democrat"?? walahi, you're lucky you put that "but it's not a biggie" line inside. I was about to let off on you now! lol. Have fun babes, you only live once.
YankeeNaija said…
@Lucci: thanks. will def take it easy.

@NJ = Trouble walking. LOL. the "long" comment was a ref to me missing blogging, not anything else. get your mind outta the gutter. lol.

@Musco: Thank u my dear.

@SK: LOL. you're awesome.

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