Sunday Musings

Today's gospel in church came from Luke 15:1-32.  It's about the prodigal son.  The priest talked of how we should glorify and celebrate the love that God has for us, the same sort of love that the father had for his son who demanded his inheritance and squandered it.  We too squander the blessing, gifts, treasures that God gives us and when we hit the lowest low, we come back to our senses, remember our father and run back to him.  We all sin, that's a given, but today's sermon and reading really hit close to home about God loves us and gives us a new slate, just like the father gave his son a new chance.

Before I leave the house, I always pray for protection to and from my various destinations.  On Sundays, I pray not only for protection, but when we go to church, I pray that the Spirit of God fall upon me and allow me to be present spiritually, not just physically, in church.  I thank God for today He nourished me spiritually today with the gospel and the sermon and allowed me to walk away with a better understanding of His love.

God is good.  God is awesome.


inStilettos said…
HE so is... thanks for refreshing my mind... luv that he always gives us a new slate... thanks hon!
YankeeNaija said…
Anytime dollface. I do it for me too cause I need that reminder.

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