I'm just going to fuck.  This whole love business is for the birds.  I only ever felt this way after the dissolution of my "marriage", where I just didn't want any emotional entanglements, just my physical needs met.  The desire to procreate was of utmost importance at one point, but I wondered today, do I really want marriage, another baby?  I honestly didn't know what I wanted and maybe that's why I have all these failed relationships.  I don't even know where to start because I suppose, it's been ingrained in my head that my mission in life was to get married, have babies and take care of my home.  I wonder what I want?  At present, I have some carnal needs that need to be met but once that's done, then what?  What do I want?  What am I looking for?  Fuck if I know.  I have to deprogram, reprogram myself, start all over.  Fuck me.  


T.Notes said…
Hey Dear.
Can't believe it's been almost a year!
Just catching up on your posts...and sending massive hugzzzz!
Drop me an email and let's catchup properly asap!

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